Boy George, live and everything!

Mr. George will be playing (as in singing, not just putting records on) live in London, this very night.

Boy crazy

He will be taking to the stage at one of his favouritest clubs, Nag-Nag-Nag, which happens at Ghetto (in that pissy little alley behind G-A-Y but it’s actually quite nice once you’re in) every Wednesday night. Oh, and did we say it was TONIGHT!

Expect loads of dressing up (there always is down there) and a brilliant set: we saw him recently at Soho Revue Bar and he rocks even harder than when he was wearing his hair (what hair?) in dreads…

In un-related ‘star’ news from the very streets of gay London this week, Jodie Harsh, who does a very good, very dressed-up night, down at Circus in Soho Revue Bar has secured the services of one ex-Mrs Law – Sadie Frost – to play the records down there this Friday. It has to be better than moon-faced plumpstress Kelly Osbourne…

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2 comments to “Boy George, live and everything!”

  1. I think Kelly is better than Sadie, ac-choo-lee.

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  2. Did anyone see this? Was it any good?

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