Do you want to marry this, erm, lady?

Well, apparently she’s up for grabs. You can even marry her! All thanks to MTV.

Pretty girl

One slightly soiled second-hand (well…) glamour model could be yours if you play your cards right. Jodie Marsh of Celebrity Big Brother and ‘only wearing a belt to a premiere’ fame is going to get married (actually married) this summer to one, ahem, lucky winner of a country-wide talent search sponsored by MTV… And they said gay Civil Partnerships would cheapen the sacred institution of marriage…

Following the success (it says here) of Totally Scott Lee and Totally Boyband, MTV are throwing their not inconsiderable weight behind Jodie Marsh’s desire to become a respectable married lady and are doing a show called Totally Jodie Marsh: Who will take her up the aisle? to help her find the unsuspecting, no doubt thoroughly gold-digging, gentleman.

‘Auditions’ start this Sunday at The Wardour in London’s glittering Wardour Street from 1-7pm before trekking around the country in search of the sleaze who would like to feature on the front of a celebrity magazine with this one at his very own wedding, no doubt with a couple of Girls Alouds and an Emmerdale doing ‘very thick tights’ bridesmaids duties.

It’s all so beautiful and moving we can hardly bear it. Or maybe just ‘…we can hardly bear it’.

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3 comments to “Do you want to marry this, erm, lady?”

  1. It’s all very reminiscent of that documentary where that Oriental bird had to fuck like 200 guys in one afternoon.

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  2. I actually felt a smidgeon of pity for her when she was getting shouted at by Pete Burns etc on Celeb BB, but now I can’t stand the silly cow. So there!

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  3. BUT AT LEAST HER TITS ARE REAL! Isn’t that what she usually says?

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