Jose Mourinho hath been arrested


A silver fox. Yumsicle.

Something to do with a dog and it being foreign and this not being a foreign country and the dog being an illegal. Oh.

Which brings us to a much more pertinent matter – would you, or would you not, like to bum Jose Mourinho?

Answers below, s’il tu plait. Thankings.

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3 comments to “Jose Mourinho hath been arrested”

  1. I would obviously like to be whisked away on a short weekend break, maybe in an open-topped car, treated to fine wines and fancy foods maybe in a country house hotel, to look into his eyes through the glow of the brandy and blush slightly when he told me that he didn’t mean for it to happen but that he had fallen slightly in love with me, and maybe it was the wine talking and the glow from the fire reflected in my hair, which is a long, chestnut mane, but could we – with a decanter of fine madeira opened and something by Roberta Flack playing on the hotel’s in-room CD player – get down to some light, fully-protected and lavishly lubricated bumming.

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  2. *blushes*

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  3. I never understand why heat call him a guilty pleasure? Bunch a retards. I’d do him in a second. Well, it would last longer than that, but you know what I mean.

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