Mischa becomes a naughty schoolgirl at St. Trinians!

But will she be school bullied by Girls Aloud? Well, Tweedy’s got form…

The OC was never like this!

Mischa ‘O.C.’ Barton, who is actually English (oh, yes she is!), is that latest star to join the cast of what is shaping up to be a jolly old jape: St. Trinian’s – the true-to-life story of how schoolgirls are really a bunch of hookers making alcohol in the science lab and never without a full stockings-and-suspenders set to flash…Already starring Rupert Everett in drag, Girls Aloud as the school band, Russell Brand as Flash Harry and that funny looking Lily Cole model character as well as… dinnerladies star Celia Imrie, our favourite homosexualist Stephen Fry, Colin Firth, him off Bridget Jones and Pride and Prejudice, The Pope, who plays a figure of fun and Su Pollard as the Prime Minister (those last two aren’t actually true – well, not in the film anyways).

It’s filming at the minute and won’t be finished until… ooh, ages.

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2 comments to “Mischa becomes a naughty schoolgirl at St. Trinians!”

  1. This new St. Trinian’s is shaping up to be a WORK OF GENIUS!

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  2. I saw Rupy in Soho a coupla weeks ago, shaven of head. I’m assuming for wig business for St. Trins. Would just like to say he looked quite sexy. Then I do like a shaven head. But nothing else.

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