Priscilla, the ‘filmsical’ comes to London’s glittering West End

Imagine these people flouncing, live on stage!

Say cheese

You know the gays. They love a bit of colour and movement. A man maybe dressed as, ooh, a lady or something! Some disco songs thrown in. Some feathers (plural). A large-size model of a ladies’ stiletto shoe. Well, a new musical has all these things. And more!

It is the musical version (have we said the word ‘musical’ enough yet?) of the musical film (well, it was a kind of musical) The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. And it’s called Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (they lost the Adventures bit ’cause no one ever said that anyways…)

The musical – devised and put together by most of the same people as did the film (they weren’t that busy) and with a couple of original songs added to the likes of ‘I Will Survive’, which they’re keeping – has already been a big hit in Australia, where it opened last October, and is being touted as the first big Australian musical, like, ever (even though Dirty Dancing, the musical version that broke all box office records when it opened in London, was apparently put together by our Aussie friends).

And it’s coming to London, though no one quite knows for when. Oh, and there’ll be a big Australian star in it, probably Jason of Donovan (though you know his history with the gays) but it could be Hugh Jackman.

In unrelated ‘films being made into musicals that aren’t as good as the original films’ news: Hairspray (last time, we promise) The Musical, is coming to London this autumn.

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  1. Just what London was short of: Australian queens showing off in the West End. Cause we’ve never had any of those.

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