NEW! St. Tropez Everyday Airbrush

Am I brown yet? Now? Now? Now? 

You know how like St. Tropez are geniuses-plural in the world of making oneself bronzed and therefore more shaggable…

*some hushed chatter at the back; the ensembled cast nods* 

Well, they’ve now – as in, yesterday – brought out something very lovely indeed that enables brown-ness of the flawless and therefore attractive kind, every day of the freakin’ week! In your very own home! Or wherever your tanning location of choice may be! In other words, without stepping foot in a salon!

Not only that, though that is darn good as it is, but St. Tropez Everyday Airbrush is one of those fancy 360° whatsits that means you can apply upside down, on your side, mid-somersault, whatever – and it comes out in a translucent mist that develops over a few hours, so doesn’t look like someone’s shat on your face. And there’s aloe vera in it too, which is kind to trees.

And just in case you’re wondering – what with the spray being clear and all – ‘What if I get some brown splodges on the palms of my hands, or thereabouts, what with it being clear and all?’ Welleth, you get a sachet of St. Tropez Self Tan Remover to boot, in the event of staining. Which is a nice touch indeed.

Quel prix?
£17.95, for 150mls.

Ou se trouve?
At their interdolly site, which is here.
Or by calling this number – 0115 983 6363.

The end.

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2 comments to “NEW! St. Tropez Everyday Airbrush”

  1. I like the idea of it being an airbrush. Sounds very technological. Which I guess is good. I also find I look slimmer with a tan. Which I also guess is good.

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  2. Looking at the story under this one, it seems ‘Nasty Little Cunt Kylie’ TM is using this product. And looks good on it, I must confess!

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