EXCLUSIVE! Sophie Ellis Bextor: The brand interview

What lovely things make the celebrity life of our favourite brown-haired pop lady – new album on Monday! – even more lovely? These things, that’s what things.

Stick it in

What is your preferred brand of…?

I need to overhaul my underwear collection. It’s a little mish-mash of sadness. I think I should start again. When you get good underwear you feel great in it, but then once it’s been washed a couple of times, it looks as pathetic as everything else…

Mobile phone

Agent Provocateur.


MP3 player
I’ve just got my iPod but they keep breaking.

Bottled water
I like Evian. I think it’s a bit snooty having a favourite brand of water but then I don’t like tap water. it tastes wrong.

I’m pretty disloyal. There’s one called SK2 that I use at night and then during the day I think it’s Nivea.

I have my Audi. I love it.

Chewing gum
I like that Dentine one you can get in America, the fiery cinnammon one.

Fast food
McDonalds. I haven’t had one for a while. You can break the habit if you stop for long enough.

Fizzy drink
I like fizzy water – I’m not a big fan of Coke or anything like that.

Coffee shop
I’m not fussed really – I’ll drink anything.

Adidas or Converse.

High Street store
I was thinking Topshop but then everyone says that so maybe New Look and Miss Selfridge. I like H&M, but so does everybody.

Chanel is pretty consistent. I love their French look. I’m not really responsible enough for a lot of designer gear.

Well, Waitrose delivers and Sainsbury’s is near, so either/or.

Anything. Richard and I are always grabbing new ones when we’re away.

Make up
MAC is good for stage stuff but I will grab anything that catches my eye.

Toilet paper
Supermarket own brand of recycled.

Shower gel
Richard likes Sanex but I like fruity numbers.

I like the extra chocolate cookies.

Kettle crisps and Walkers Sweet Chilli Sensations.

Washing powder
Eco brands.

Household cleaners
I’ve just invested in a load of eco brands but I can’t remember the names. They seem alright. Once you’re in a family household you just get through so much more of it so it has to be effective but it’s also about using things that are a bit more gentle on the environment.

Sophie’s new album Trip the Light Fantastic is out on Monday.

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4 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Sophie Ellis Bextor: The brand interview”

  1. What a very nice lady she is

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  2. I really like that Agent Provocateur perfume: it’s kind of marshmallowy and soft. They used to do candles but I haven’t seen any for ages. If anyone spots one, do let me know.

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  3. I really love this woman. She’s so nice. And beautiful. I’d do her.

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  4. Sophie’s the best person UK ever had, and she’s the best UK Pop-star ever they had! She’s great! She’s the BEST!!!! Love U So Much!!!! 4Ever Sophie Ellis-Bextor!!!! XOXOXOXO

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