EXCLUSIVE! Michael Bublé: ‘Gay stuff? I’ve never had that much to drink. Yet.’

‘Gay men pinch my arse. I think that’s fucking great!’ Michael, in a nice bit of cashmere.

You so would!

He’s back in the UK top five with his Call Me Irresponsible album and we got the hottest thing in dad-jazz to say some very irresponsible things. In a good way!

So, what made you want to sing the songs no one needs to hear ever again?
With all the shit that’s out there now!? They’re strong songs: strong melody, strong lyrics, strong groove…

Don’t your mates think you’re square singing this stuff?
Is that while I’m smoking the joint or fucking the women? [laughing] They did, but they don’t now.

Do you get big pairs of granny pants thrown at you?
I get loads of weird shit happening but most of the places I’m going now it’s young people. It’s 60% young women, 25% gay men and the rest is couples.

Do those gay men pinch your arse?
Yeah, I’ve had that and I think it’s fucking great! Gay fans are the hardest to get, the most loyal and they’re the tastemakers.

Have you ever done any gay stuff?
Sexually? Unfortunately, I’ve never had that much to drink yet. Listen, the uncle I was named after is gay and him and his partner have been together for forty years, so I just grew up with that being a cool thing.

Your big break in the UK was on the Parkinson chat show…
That was a huge deal for me. I met Sean Connery. I’d been to a Chelsea soccer match so I was wearing my Chelsea shirt – really classy! – and he came up behind me and said [doing the accent] ‘Michael, I’m a fan of the music but get that goddamn shirt off.’

And you were like, ‘Sean, honey, we’ve only just met!’…
‘Come on, Sean, you slut.’

We’re assuming Sean’s not your type… What is?
If they sit down to pee, I like ’em.


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9 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Michael Bublé: ‘Gay stuff? I’ve never had that much to drink. Yet.’”

  1. Oh I find this man very attractive.

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  2. Saucy in’t he?

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  3. Sexy, funny, cool with the gay thing, and ever such a lovely singin’ voice. Emily Blunt’s a lucky lady.

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  4. Michael is very hot! I’d definately do him:)

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  6. I really like the way he looks, very attractive, I am gay and I would love him to be my boyfriend, I think my late dad would have loved him and my mother would love him too. He would be sure worth taking home to mommy in Northern Saskatchewan…Beauval Saskatchewan in fact. Michael come home with me. LOL

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