Welcome to the Aqua Dome

A spa as visualised by the people who did Tate Modern.

So near, so spa

Austria takes the whole swim thing supernova with this rocking spa called the Aqua Dome, which is a four-star-plus hotel (not quite five-star, you understand) with a superspa attached.

And apart from these big old swim things – there are canals to swim along and 25-foot high pools where you can look at an alp while you tread water –┬áthere’s…

a huge spa hall with glass dome and walls, a massive waterfall, a ‘sauna world’, rooms to rest in (we were going to say rest-rooms), a beauty spa, a terrace… all this in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, famous for skiing, The Sound of Music and leather shorts (no, not that kind of leather shorts). Read all about Austria’s biggest tourist project in years somewhere round about here.

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