A lovely, if temporary, bar thing in Londinium, Greater London, Britain.

Some lovely... chairs.The MARTINI Terrazza, pictured here and here some more, is a lovely-lookin’ al fresco (that’s ‘outside’ in Foreign) drinkin’ ‘n’ socialisin’ ‘n’ other things set-up in Hanover Square, London’s glittering Oxford Circus-ish, where one can pop down of an evening – though not necessarily only of an evening – and drinketh up some lovely MARTINI based cocktails after, let’s say, a day of heavy bumming shopping and/or prior to going out on the lash in the West End, or thereabouts.

We think it’s a lovely thing, seeing as we quite j’adore MARTINI based cocktails and, you know, we love lovely things.

Some more lovely... chairs.

But when? From 28th May – 11th June, Baby Jesus year ’07.

Times, please! Daily, 12pm – 9pm.

More bumf, like how to book a table?
020 8735 5130 or martini@rpmltd.com


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