Paul Nicholls plays a gay-basher

In a new Channel 4 drama. Based on truth. So we can’t even make jokes :0(

Get off me

Paul Nicholls – him who went a bit doolally on EastEnders and who is pictured here taking Jessica F. Lange from behind in a production of Long Day’s Journey Into Night – is coming back to our telly screens in a one-off drama…

Said drama is called Clapham Juntion and is part of Channel 4’s new Summer Season, as unveiled today. Based on – we think! – the case of the barman who was murdered on Clapham Common last year by two homophobic – let’s just call them scum.

It’s written by Kevin Elyot, who’s veered between Poirot on the telly and some very clever stuff at the National Theatre (you might have seen gay play My Night with Reg that was on at the Royal Court) and also stars the very do-able Rupert Graves.

No dates so far available but we’ll keep you posted. See we can do serious.

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