Amy Winehouse and David LaChapelle, up the tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.

Amy? J'adore. 

Just rolls off the tongue, isn’t it…

So anyways, someone who knows someone who knows someone else has only gone and told us that our Amy is collabo’-ing avec super-duper photographer David LaChapelle on her next moving picture video.

Which excites us this much:

*stretches arms soooooo wide that breakage occurs, and Inspector Gadget has to intervene with his go-go Gadget arms*

For why? Because he’s the man who did Xtina’s cheeenius ‘Dirrty’ video, Mariah’s ‘Loverboy’ vid as well as pictures of Madonna dressed as an Indian goddess. That’s for why… but there’s more.

And in other Amy-related news, la Wino has jetted into Londinium from her little jolly in Yanky Doodly Ville – where she got married and stuff – for-to-attend the Ivor Novello’s tonight, where she’s up for Best Contemporary Song with her lovely ditty, ‘Rehab’.

If she doesn’t win, bad things will happen.

The end.

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3 comments to “Amy Winehouse and David LaChapelle, up the tree, K.I.S.S.I.N.G.”

  1. This is very ‘citin news indeed!

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  2. As long as she doesn’t don chaps like ‘Xtina’ we’re ok. Although maybe that would be a fun thing to see. I do draw a line at writhing in a shower block though. I’m sure she does too, I mean have you seen her?

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  3. Mutts I shouldn’t worry about that too much – as much as I ADORE Amy, she doesn’t look as though she hits the shower on a very regular basis

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