Capri *pants*

Your nana’s favourite international resort just got upgraded. Mariah will be pleased.

Capri me, baby

You can’t touch Capri for natural beauty – all that Amalfi coast and dramatic cliffs and views out over the Med – and while it’s always had a lot of class, it hasn’t seemed, you know, current for a very long time. All that is changing now that JK Place has reset (and re-stocked!) the bar…

Capri, a favourite of ‘Riah Carey and the likes, is a funny little place. You’re not allowed to drive a car, there’s still an atmosphere of ‘health resort’ about it and they’re not averse to putting¬†a tablecloth over another tablecloth and then a third tablecloth for luck. You get the picture. It can be a bit grampsy, all in an international glamour sort of way. Let’s just say, Shirley Bassey must love it.

Well, now you can do Capri and not feel like you’re staying with Great Aunt Hilda. JK Place – famed for its rinky dinky boutique jobbie in Florence – has gone all seaside on our arses with a cliff-top beauty with all the right ESPA spa treatments and views (taken mainly from a reclining position atop a crisp white canvas covered lounger) across the Mediterranean. Get in quick before Mariah goes and ruins it. Lookee here for more pictures. Or below.

Noice, unusual Don't mind if we do!


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  1. This place looks simply divine. Much preferable to that new Haymarket place, which reminds me of Mummy’s old little gaff, Clarence House. The memories, you see, the memories. :-(

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