Beyonce exclusive: ‘Other ways Madonna has inspired me’

We get to the bottom of the ‘Human Nature’ video having been an influence on Beyonce, as mentioned by a me-me-me/drownedmadonna fan…

She's SO not sorry

In a previous episode, Beyonce spoke (did we say ‘exclusively’?) to me-me-me about how, when she was getting a tour together, she often watched Madonna videos for inspiration.

Someone commented after the story that Beyonce’s ‘Green Light’ video was inspired by ‘Human Nature’ (above). Here’s more exclusiveness: and it’s a bit of a ‘yeah but no but yeah’ situation…

So, Madonna…
B: I love Madonna. I do! Definitely.

Does she ever do stuff that’s a bit racy for you?
B: It all works for Madonna. I mean, I couldn’t do a lot of the things she does, but it works for her. I watched ‘Human Nature’ [the video] for the ‘Check On It’ video even though it didn’t come out anything like it.

The video with all the white boxes, right?
B: Yeah, yeah. I wanted to do something like that but we didn’t have time to do it because it was just a 12-hour shoot. But absolutely!

Beyonce’s tour hits Wembley on 3rd and 4th June.

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