Josh Holloway and a smelly campaign

This would be that famous off-of that Lost thing, Joshua Holloway Road.

Oh, go on then.



The purpose of this would be that he is the new face of that smell that only pubescent gennelmans wear, Cool Water. Or straight men whose wardrobes are from Next.

Anways, Josh was in London’s glittering London this week (could still be here for all we know…. we do know what hotel he is/was staying at, but that’s called stalking) for-to-present his-v-self as said face of Cool Water in front of the beauty presses plural.

Look behind you!

We did send spies down, but such was the retardenation of said spies (they know who they are), that they failed to take any decent piccaroos that weren’t of chest hair. Though that would normally suffice.

Anways again, they did say the following:

– He was v, v (V) nice.

– He was very manly and, you know, grrrrr.

– He was surprisingly shy, and was a little bemused by the middle aged beauty industry trouts personnel that were fawning over him.

– He kept talking about his wife. :-) for her, :-( for us.

– He smelt delish. Which leads us to think he was wearing something other than the produce he was supposed to be flogging.

– His dress sense was a little, how shall we put this… shit.

4 out of 6 ain’t bad, ‘s’pose.

Oh yeah, and c) and d).

That was ‘citin’, n’est ce pas?

Oh look, he’s topless….!

Just need to wipe you down... there.


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4 comments to “Josh Holloway and a smelly campaign”

  1. I’m very fond of this man. He’s v sex-u-al.

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  2. I would like to bum this man.

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  3. He used to be a model before Lost y’know. Who’da thunk it, what with him being such a minger. Not really. Best thing in Lost, in fact.

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  4. he looks like that lesba from the L word!

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