A whole load of nothing

So Sir Elton John of Windsor and its environs but not Slough’s been on the blower again, inviting you to one of his lovely ‘dos which is all v nice and all, but you’re thinking, ‘Oh balderdash, what to buy the man who has everything? I’d even offer my back-bottom on a plate but I’m just not in that zone right now.’

Welleth, howsabout getting him this?

What is it? No really, what is it? 

‘Tis ‘Nothing’. Literally. A big ball fit-to-bursting with jack-diddly-squat. And if we’re getting all in-tell-ectual ’bout it it’s, like, post-modern or something.

Anyways, it’s a silly pressie for those who want for nothing. You know, literally. There you go. Thanks.

Ou se trouve? Here.

‘Ow much? £3.49

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  1. That’s money for ‘nothing’, that is!

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