David Hockney’s big one!

Mr. H unleashes a humdinger on an expectant nation. Here’s what it looks like.

The sheer size of it!

You’ll know him for his boys’ bottoms climbing out of squiggly swimming pools and gentlemen lying naked, their business areas akimbo, etched on expensive papers… well, soon you can see Mr. David Hockney’s – him of the outsize specs and hearing aids – biggest work to date. And there’s not a genital in sight… Boo, etc.

It is in fact called Bigger Trees Near Warter (not Water as some people have been saying) and it pictures some, erm, quite big trees near a village called Warter (there’s no water in sight, which might have been a clue), in East Yorkshire where fella-me-lad grew up. It measures a mahoosive 40 feet by 15 and is made up of 50 smaller canvases, making it all but portable in a reasonably sized overnight bag. All this at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition from 11th June. Which is soonish.

And not only that: he’ll also be exhibiting at London’s rather lovely Tate Britain, where our man – 70 this summer! – will be helping curate (that’s like shopping for museums and galleries) a new Turner exhibition.

Now, never let it be said me-me-me wasn’t high brow.


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