Sex and the City, the movie – more ‘citin’ information on said filmic device.

Not an ad for DulcoEase

So news has reached our real-life selves that a director hath been found for the upcoming SATC filmic device.

Who? No really, who? Could this be?

Michael Patrick King. Who whilst having never directed ‘owt-or-at-least-a-grown-up-filmic-device before in his life, was a producer on’t telly versh of the show.

Oh and there’s a quote and everything to go with it, from the very mouth of Mario Cantone, who played the simply ‘larious Anthony in the televisual show. You know – gayer, does the voice-over for that Sunsilk ad, pals with Charlotte slash Kristen Davis-without-an-e, etcetera, etcet-er-a.

‘Michael Patrick King was kind of the creative force behind the show, and he’s going to be writing and directing the movie.

‘I’ve known him for 24 years. He was always very brilliant. I think he’s one of the best writers and directors in television. With him at the helm, it should be damn good.’

Oh good.

More bumf of a similar nature? Oh, go on then.


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  1. Very exciting news indeed!

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