Some thoughts on that Big Brother business

Big Bro' 

Ooh, just a thought.

Like-right, you know that Big Brother thing’s starting again tomo…

*lets out a bit of wet wee*

…and everyone slash some people are fretting, what with ‘Sleb BB’s ‘racism’ etc blah a few months back, and, like, the entire Metropolitan Police force are on stand-by just in case someone in the house inadvertently describes their coffee as black… Anyways, you know all that? Well, we’d just like to make a fairly pertinent point just ’cause, well we want to and we just know the baby Jesus would want us to also. Goes something like this…

Whilst discrimination of any kind is a v bad business, and should be punishable by a good slappin’ or Enya’s greatest hits on a loop, it seems that some forms of discrimination – in the eyes of Endemol and the Sun, Mirror et al, anyroad – are deemed less important than others.

Let’s look at the evidence:

We can count at least, ooh…

*counts; tally goes through roof* 

… lots ‘n’ lots of times when thinly veiled homophobia has slipped into Big Brother. Like, you know, when people we won’t name/Mikey went in last year and said they ‘didn’t really like gay people’. Can you imagine someone going in and saying, ‘Oh, I don’t really like Jews’? S’actly.

We thank you.

The end.

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3 comments to “Some thoughts on that Big Brother business”

  1. That’s sooo true! There have been loads of times over the years when blatantly homophobic comments have been made, but these don’t make the front pages of The Sun; and the people who make these comments don’t have to go on national telly and apologise, and have their careers ruined as a result. Good point.

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  2. Exactly. Homophobia’s the last prejudice that people are allowed to get away with. It was really evident with Mikey (and I’m sorry, but what kind of grown man calls himself ‘Mikey’) that he had a problem with Richard and his gayness. I hate the way BB always make sure they put someone in who says they have a problem with gay people when there are gay contestants. In some cases the homophobe realises the error of their ways (like Bubble in series 2), but most of the time they don’t. I think it’s quite unfair on the gay contestants, especially since it’s hard to think of a gay contestant on the show who wasn’t entertaining or interesting in some way, while you’d be spoilt for choice when it comes to boring straight people on the show.

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  3. I love the way that the homophobia has always been presented as the USP. It’s like, ‘He’s a DJ, he loves page 3 models and he hates effeminate gay men’. Oh!

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