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Haribo Sours and an East 17 reunion – the perfect night in for FH?

A tasty combo

The Fag Hag settled down with a bag of Haribo Sours last night to watch East 17 the Reunion, which was verily the televisual gift that kept on giving.

The return of Take That was the result of years of planning, plus a multi-million pound marketing campaign and smart strategy thrashed out by men in suits. East 17 chose a slightly less formal route.

Tony contacted Brian, who is now living at his nans. And then, ‘I printed up some tickets. Cost six grand,’ sniffed Tony, the once stick-thin frontman who has now had the rip-cord pulled on him. Things got off to quite a bad start when Tony punched Brian and got worse when the borderline feral Terry got compared to Blakey from On The Buses in a review. Sadly, for the Walthamstow boys, things didn’t end with a sell-out tour and an Audience with… on ITV. Instead, Tony stormed off to his mock Tudor mansion to watch telly on the ‘plazeema’ whilst Brian and the lads did PAs at a club in Colchester for cash.

Honestly, if they’re that desperate for dosh, why don’t they put themselves up for the lead in the next Triga Hooligans DVD? I can’t think of more perfect casting…

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2 comments to “Fag Hag Diary”

  1. Ooh, I would like to see Tony in a Triga film. I hear he has a very large cock and that a manager type person used to get him to whack it out at parties to frighten people. So yes please.

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  2. What I didn’t get, is if Tony’s medium could tell him he was going to be back on stage, why the fuck didn’t they tell him that it was going to be a complete waste of time, and to forget about it?

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