Glittering London in your pocket!

Everything you’ll ever need for a glamorous night in town… and it’s free. Hooray!

Ooh, innit glittering!

You know the story… you’re in London, you know it well but you can’t think of a damn thing to do and you can’t remember if the Millennium Bridge is near Tate Modern or Britain and can’t quite think where that bar you picked up that boy was… you know it was in Soho but you’d had a few and… Fear not, everything you need to know about town is here. In this book. It’ll fit in your pocketbook. Oh, and it’s free. As in, you don’t have to pay for it.

Brought to you by those nice folks at Visit London – the ones who put grass in Trafalgar Square – The Official Gay and Lesbian Guide (complete with a message from our lovely Mayor) has the most glittering town in the world pretty much covered. From glamour digs like the Sanderson and a cute little find in Hoxton which is very penny pricewise to all your gay niteries, the only restaurants to be seen in (and Wagamama) and the best of London’s shopping laid out like a ten dollar hooker.

Small enough to curl up in your back pocket, handy as a very handy thing indeed and available from gay bars, clubs, some Thomas Cook outlets… all over the place. Not officially launched till a very glamorous party takes place, you’ll find some out there if you look hard enough.

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  1. I’m liking that cover. It’s like, day and night! Might pick one up.

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  2. Herro’, Is avaiabuw in chinoiserie?

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