Newton Faulkner may well be the next big thing…

At a loose end round London’s not-so-glittering Oxford Street tonight? Want to be ahead of the pack on a hot new artist? Read on…

Ginger dreads! He must be good

You might think that someone with ginger dreadlocks would be keeping a particularly low profile. Not Newton Faulkener. Not only is he a hot new singer that you might actually love quite a lot, but he will also allow you to tease him about those ginger dreads. Which is kind of just as well. Donna Karan chose him to perform at one of her dos and now…

You, an ordinary punter in the street (or Kate Moss – who knows who comes on here under cover of anonymity) can get a load of Newton and his gentle, croony, surfy, ‘it’s sunny outside and I’ve had a couple of bottles of wine and am feeling in one of my gorgeous moods’y, erm, stuff.

Heavily touted by all the right people (posh papers, music industry papers), getting respectable airplay on some BBC channels and probably huge by the time Glastonbury rolls around (soon), Newton is playing selections from his July album Hand Built By Robots – including the single ‘Dream Catch Me’ – tonight at Oxford Street’s Metro (19-23), from whence you can purchase tickets. But be warned, he’ll be a-twangin’ this very eve.

In related news, Newton is only 22. And that hair would probably shave right off if you got him in the right mood.

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3 comments to “Newton Faulkner may well be the next big thing…”

  1. Yeah, cos that Levellers/Crusty look really needs a comeback …

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  2. The state of it!

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  3. i reckon this guy is clas, dream catch me is one of the best songs i’ve heard in a long time.

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