Samantha turns out to be Harry Potter’s mum (in a new film, anyways!)

PS. It’s faaaaabulous!


Kimmie Cattrall, known to you as the dirty little tyke Samantha off Sex and the City, is to play Daniel Radcliffe’s, known to you as Harry Potter or the teen who got his knob out in front of everyone live on the West End stage, erm, mum! In a new film and everything…

The film in question is called My Boy Jack, withinside of which our Kimmie plays Caroline Kipling (nothing to do with cakes but quite a lot to do with Rudyard), a woman who watches her son go off to fight in the trenches in World War I.

And, as anyone who’s seen Black Adder Goes Fourth will know, that was not only quite dangerous but also very dirty. Anyways, apparently Mr. Rudyard Kipling (who didn’t make exceedingly good cakes but wrote some OK poetry and children’s literature) used his influence to get his half-blind 17-year-old son (that’ll be Harry, sorry, Daniel) into the Irish Guards.

Presumably neither of them knew the extent of the danger or the dirt at this point in the game. When he goes missing, his parents set out on a mission to find him.

Sounds very upsetting and ITV1 – who are making this film – are saying what a thrill it is to welcome Kim Cattrall blah blah blah. It’s not made so we don’t know when it’s on.


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2 comments to “Samantha turns out to be Harry Potter’s mum (in a new film, anyways!)”

  1. Wonder if she’ll get his winkie out! I heard it wasn’t up to much anyways. Smamfa would turn her nose up at that.

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  2. It ain’t right.

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