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How do we feel about…

Myleene Klass?

We don't think we like her but we're not sure

Just askin’…

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Whose upper torso dot-dot-dot

lives on an arm/hand combo like this?

Momma, qu'est ce que c'est? etc. 

Mmm, yummy.

Hint: Madonna’s (more…)

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Fag Hag Diary


And FH has some sartorial advice for Geri Halliwell

Repeat after me...

Question: If you’re appearing in front of the world’s media with four other image obsessed women to announce a massive multi-million pound comeback tour, might it be a good idea to perhaps consult each other beforehand about outfit decisions?

Gerimiah Kenneth Halliwell what were you thinking? Everyone else has gone lean, mean and black and you turn up looking like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (more…)

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A question about Danielle Lloyd…

who has, this very day, said that she will not be getting back with her ex-client boyfriend, Marcus Bent…

How much to take these off?

How did she manage to get away with the whole racist thing?

While Jo off-of S Club is currently taking chunks out of her arms and fingering bottles of Paracetamol with a far-away look in her eyes and Jade Goody is getting knocked up at a furious pace in an attempt to regain any public sympathy (on a magazine shoot after the BB race incident, she was sobbing so furiously and heart-breakingly some people even stopped laughing!), Danielle is out there slagging around just like she always has. And she was the vilest of them all.

Based on her having got off scott free, we have come up with the following rules for reality show contestants caught up in race rows… (more…)

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Amanda Lepore, for sale at last!

Leave it to a hideously deformed/strangely beautiful trannie to make some money out of her deformity/beauty. In a retail kind of way.

What do we get for our money here, exactly?

You know Amanda Lepore. She’s the one that Jodie Harsh wants to be. The New York City trannie with all the right nightclub connections despite the fact that she’s now officially 74 years of age.

Well, that clever old gender illusionist has just launched a range of… what are we calling this? Schmutter? So you can actually buy into the whole Lepore… what are we calling this? Lifestyle? Here’s what you can get… (more…)

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If we didn’t know better, we’d have thought Herbie Ritts was a gay

You know, all those pictures of Madonna and naked men and fashion and stuff… like this.

Och, you could never wear that down the supermarket

You’ll be able to make your own mind up until 11th September as London’s actually really glittering Hamilton’s Gallery at 13 Carlos Place (handy for the Curzon Mayfair and Auntie Viv Westwood’s shop) is putting on an exhibition of the late gay (oh, there you go, they’ve spoilt it) photographer’s oeuvre (that means ‘stuff’). It’s the first one in a decade and it includes… (more…)

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George Michael to reveal all in biography. OoooOOOOoooooh.

Put it away!

Georgios Michael has sobered up long enough to put pen to paper (ish*), t’seems.

George Michaels of Highgate and neighbouring Hampstead Heath but not so far as Golders Green has decided that now is the time to tell all ‘n’ sundry the ins and outs of his spectacularly gay life. Emphasis on the ins and outs. (more…)

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The most genius Big Brother moment, like, EVER?

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