Fag Hag Diary


And FH has Glamour gossip to spill…

Last night the Fag Hag whisked herself off to the Glamour Awards at London’s Glittering…well, er, actually it was in a tent off Picadilly, but it was a sumptush affair.

Fag du Hag

In fact, so sumptush I am a little indisposed today (who knew?) but I promise I will be spilling all tomorrow…

Which Hollywood star fall arse over tit in front of me on her way up to the podium? What do Victoria Most Famousest of the Whole Universe’s legs look like up close? (Bit like trim old nana a la Lily Savage). And who was the hot US TV star I got introduced to and was then whisked away from on account of a security guard keen to check out the Fag Hag booty? All will be revealed tomorrow!

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  1. I wanna know!

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  2. are you nice or mean because im going to you concert in massicusittes the circus

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