Is this the most exciting news, like, EVER?

Skinny latte? 

*Begins drum roll, but becomes somewhat unsteady owing to the excitement of it all. Drops drum-stick-thing, collapses.*

So-like-right, them girls off-of Sheila’s Wheels – The Sheila’s – are doing a PA at Trannyshack, London’s Glittering Soho, on this very Wendesday, year of Santy Clause, ’07.

Not only that, but these same Sheila’s Wheels types will be performing a one-off, er performance of their and-we-quote ‘sensational debut single’, ‘(I’m So) Happy Happy (You’re Mine)’. ‘Twill also be the first performance of said single, due for release in September.

And before you run for the hills, this very same single is produced by Stock, Aitken and Waterman (ooooOOOOoooooh), and is rumoured to be rather fine in a good way. We can’t comment at this time on whether ’tis the truth of which the rumours speak, but will of course comment as soon as we hear it.

So, like, ou se trouve? Trannyshack, Wednesday 13th June @ Soho Revue Bar, 11-12 Walkers Court, W1.


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