Victoria Beckham recording new Spice Girls ‘songs’

And still they're too big. 

Vicks Rub is recording new – what are we calling these? – songs, with the Spice Girls.


So, la Beckham has revealed to a breathless public that yes indeed-ery she’s been opening her mouth and stuff’s been coming out, for the purposes of new Spicery business.

*How. Excitement.*

‘The mic was put in front of me and I was like, “Woah!”. It was surreal being back in there,’ says someone going by the name of ‘Posh’. Gawwd, what sort of person calls themselves ‘Posh’?

‘I always said I wasn’t ever going to sing again and I really didn’t expect to. But once I got going it was fun.’

Oh there’s more.

‘The new songs are a progression* of the old Spice stuff – nothing radical and stilll poppy, but a bit different. We are all impressed with them.’

Meanwhile, in other Spicerage news, Fag Hag has this verdict on that outfit Posh her verily self was ‘wearing’ at the Glamour Awards this very week.
*We’ll be the judge of that, thank you.



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2 comments to “Victoria Beckham recording new Spice Girls ‘songs’”

  1. Kill me now. No really, kill me now.

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  2. Posh is the Janis Joplin of the noughties. No, really.

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