Hollywood type person does West End #7234824987.2

A whole bunch o' smallness

So Rhea Perlman, of small slash Danny de Vito fame, has become the latest Yanky Doodly type to land a role in London’s Glittering West End.

The former Cheers turn – seen here with Bernard Manning her husband – will star in Boeing, Boeing from 25th June. Which isn’t far off…

*fingers diary… finds a free evening… calls box office…, etc.*

This is what Rhea – who we really did enjoy in Cheers – had to say on the matter:

‘London? The West End? It’s unbelievable. A long way from Brooklyn, I’ll say. It’s thrilling. I’m just thrilled. And terrified. Working with English actors in England.’

Oh there’s more.

‘And I love this play. It’s hysterical. And this play is a farce. I love that.’

Oh there’s even more.

‘Who knows, by the end of the summer I may even have learned to speak the native tongue.’

That’s kinda funny.

The end.

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2 comments to “Hollywood type person does West End #7234824987.2”

  1. *where everybody knows your name*

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  2. I’ve always felt like going into the Cheers thing on Regent Street and asking people if they know my name and then suing them for false advertising. Do you think I’d get away with it?

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