Kylie to coach X Factor finalists

Kylie, and a normal-sized bottle.

Kylie, of Kylie fame, is ‘parently going to coach the finalists in the next X Factory.

*run for your lives*

Kylie-of-Kylie-fame will also ‘parently ‘teach’ the contestants to sing her worldwide smasharoo, ‘I Should Be So Lucky’, which will undoubtedly be a fun thing.

‘Cause like, you know, Dannii Mini-goo is on the judging panel ‘n’ all; and they’re, like, sisters or something.

Anyways, someone who knows someone who knows someone else, did sayeth to the Daily Mirror the following:

‘Danni knew Kylie would be perfect as a coach for the show. She’s a superstar and it’s a chance in a lifetime for the contestants to learn from such a pro.’


Oh look, Kylie in moving picture format!

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3 comments to “Kylie to coach X Factor finalists”

  1. So there’s a rumour going around that Kylie is being paid £200,000 to appear on Parkinson and talk about her break-up with that French bloke. What a money-grabbing whore.

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  2. Oh yeah, she can teach them how to be greedy for money, to get a very long way on no talent whatsoever, how to fill your face so full of Botox it’s almost dripping out the pores, how to make sure you fleece that gay market without ever giving a damn thing back in return…

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  3. What’s she going to say? “Let other people write your songs, and don’t do too many interviews because then people won’t find out how thick and dull you are. Just like wot I done”.

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