A bunch o’ new Richard James smellies

Ooh, you smell nice. Fancy a shag? 

Richard James – he of tailoring in a lovely fashion fame – has added three new lux-yua-ree fragrances to his grooming range with the introduction of (insert drum roll)… Richard James – The Collection.

Qu’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est?

Well, you know there’s already the delish Richard James ‘Cologne’ – the original, if you will ’cause that’s what it is – which is, well delicious and manly and grrrrr and gets you shags if you wear it… well, what Richard and his business partner Sean Dixon have done is taken the key notes from said original ‘Cologne’, and created three new ones out of ’em – meaning four RJ smellies to suit your mood/intentions/etc. Hooray!

The go something like this:

‘Lavender’ – smooth and classic and v British, with lovely things like crisp Green Pear and Star Anise and Cypress.

‘Pink Pepper and Cardamom’ – spicy loveliness, including Guatamalan Cardamom, Moroccan Geranium and French Mate Absolute (no, us either, but it’s forcing us to believe it).

‘Vetiver’ – so, you know, crushed lemon leaf, pink grapefruit and fresh cut kiwi, with cedarwood, sandalwood and Spanish sage. Bit woody, you might say. Yum.

And of course the original, ‘Cologne’, which is all zesty citruses combined with spicy bits ‘n’ bobs like cardamom and pink pepper (and warm vertiver and tonka beans for good measure).


Ou se trouve?
Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, House of Fraser and Richard James. Other stockists, call 01273 408 800

How much we talkin’?
£34 for just the one (EDT 100ml); 130 earth pounds for the whole lot.


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  1. I in fact have the original Richard James Cologne and can categorically say it is very nice, and people always comment on it.

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  2. Ooo … who knew the bloke who is the aphex twin had a perfume!

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