Mariah Carey is back in the movies! Run for your lives!

The woman who makes whole boxes of frogs seem like Harvard grads is to make another film. For real! We can’t wait.

Ready for my close up - we'll be the judge of that

In it, she co-stars with Adam Sandler (so someone might actually go and, you know, see it) and she plays the most ridiculous character imaginable…. Herself!

The filmic device is set to be called You Don’t Mess with the Zohan and Sandler, who you’ll know from Meet Barbra Streisand (no, that was Ben Stiller), erm, American Pie (no, that was Jason Biggs), must be The Wedding Singer, plays a Mossad agent who goes to America to become a hairdresser, which should result in some ‘hilarious’ gay jokes to entertain the whole family.

Mariah stumbles in – probably in stripper shoes – gets into a ruck with Sandler’s former nemesis meaning that he has to leave off feather cuts and get back to the business of… you can imagine the rest.

We actually think it might be good. She was fun in WiseGirls, after all and we do actually rather secretly quite LOVE HER!

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2 comments to “Mariah Carey is back in the movies! Run for your lives!”

  1. I’ve already got my tickets, and popcorn.

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  2. As long as she is not singing (which she cant), lying about selling more records than Madge and Celine (which she hasnt) then all power to her. Getting boo’d at Live8 is still her best career moment so far, however this sounds just as fun!

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