Fag Hag Diary


And FH goes to a (straight) pub quiz.

Such domestic bliss

Last night the Fag Hag took herself off to a pub quiz thrown by one of my token heterosexual male acquaintances, James Brown (or as he’s known to his close intimates, ‘the curly headed one who used to edit Loaded’).

The quiz was heaving with journalists and lots of those straight men who work at magazines, worship David Bowie and wear black-rimmed glasses.

Imagine my delight when the quiz kicked off with my specialist subject, serial killers, and a fairly routine question about Freddie le West… followed by one about OJ and Nicole (J’adore tragic Nicole) and finally Peter Sutcliffe – well it don’t get much better than that!

‘You know lots about serial killers don’t you? said a nice man on the other team warily, as I went into graphic detail about Armin (German cannibal penis cooker, in case you were wondering). So shoot me. You boys have football Italia, I have serial killers.

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  1. When did OJ become a serial killer?

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