Muse slag off George Michael


Yes, YOU! My dressing room, immediately.

So-like-right, Muse have slagged off Georgia Michaels, saying that his being chosen to be the first act to play London’s glittering Wembley Stadium (incarnation deux) was a ‘joke’.

Some male gennelman from the band – what are we calling him? – Dom Howard (us either), did sayeth the following:

‘George Michael doing Wembley is a joke. Who cares?’

Just a shot in the dark, but maybe the 80,000 real-life people who went to see his show and maybe, just maybe, the 80 million people who have bought his records. That’s what is known in the business as a guess.

Oh, Dommy had more to say:

‘Our show is going to be massive, it’s the pinnacle.’

Think we’ll be the judge of that.

ps. You’re more likely to get bummed by George. That’s reason enough, n’est ce pas?


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4 comments to “Muse slag off George Michael”

  1. Remind me who Muse are again? I find that I am often a muse for people. Are they?

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  2. I was wondering why they hadn’t chosen Muse. Or Embrace come to that.

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  3. Muse aren’t exactly shit live, as anyone who ventures out of G.A.Y might be aware. They’re also playing the stadium, too, so aren’t exactly tinpot, either.

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  4. At least Muse’s shows are sold out.

    Neither of George’s Wembley concerts were sold out – there were 65,000 people there on Saturday and less than 62,000 on Sunday in a building which holds 83,000 for concerts (if you look at the TV youll have seen the mass of empty blocks at the mid and rear sides and upstairs).

    Muse are great live. However to be honest the most appropriate person to have opened the new stadium would have been Sinitta.

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