So Eddie ain’t poppa, after all? Blimey O’.

Such lovely hair 

What a tangled web these faded pop starlet/Eighties comedians-currently-enjoying-a-resurgence, doth spin, pop-pickers!

T’seems, you see, that Spice the Scary has not – we repeat, NOT – named Eddie Murphy as the father of her sprogadoo on its birth certificate.

Oooooooh, etc.

This is a bitter disappointment, as you might all agree, owing to the fact that we were wishin’ and a-hopin’ there might be a Jeremy Kylie-esque public fight over paternity, ending in a spectacular display of flailing hair and support bras.

But, alas, perhaps not.

‘Cause, like, when – what are we calling this child? – Angel Iris, was born Nadine Bibi, Mel B’s publicist, confirmed the ‘singer’ had listed Eddie le Murphy as poppa on’t birth certificate. ‘Yes, he is listed as father,’ quoth she.

Oh but strike that! Apparently, a copy of the document, minus Murphy’s name, emerged yesterday. Boooo. It does, however, list the child’s middle name as Murphy. Hooray!

Interessant, non?

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