The return of Armistead Maupin, everybody! Yey!

A book, with words. 

It’s a very exciting day indeedery, those-who-can-read, for ’tis the day Armistead Maupin releases his much, much (muchos) anticipated follow-up to the Tales of the City series, Michael Tolliver Lives.

*lets out a bit of wet wee*

Brief synopsis: Micheal ‘Mouse’ Tolliver, who in Tales of the City bopped a lot of male gennelmen in the booboo and vice versa – in San Francisco in the ’70s – is now in his mid-50s, mildly-arthritic, HIV+, a landscape architect and married to Ben, a boppable furniture maker 21 years his junior. They met via an interdolly site, got married on Valentine’s Day ’04 and, you know, some other stuff that reading it will reveal.

‘I wanted to tell the story of a gay men getting older – especially one who thought death was imminent and is now confronting normal mortality,’ Maupin says on the matter, in an interview at this place. ‘I didn’t want to say it was a Tales ‘sequel’ because I didn’t want to disappoint fans.’

‘Citin’, isn’t it? Want to buy it? Oh okay then.

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3 comments to “The return of Armistead Maupin, everybody! Yey!”

  1. I want someone to give it to me as a present as I am going on an imminent holidays.

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  2. The books are good if you’re a lonely gay 14 year old but not for grown-ups. They’re actually a bit shit, in fact as I discovered when ‘revisiting’ them last year. He’ll need to improve on that Night Listener bollocks, too, because that really was shit … and we don’t need any other excuses for Robin Williams to make films, either.

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  3. How very true, Consuela. They’re the literary equivalent of an episode of Doctors. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing.

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