Michael Barrymore arrested. ps. !

What a load of old :-( For him, anywho.


So news has reached our very shores – think a nice Cornish affair – that Michael Barrymore of telly and gay fame hath been arrested.

He is understood to be one of three men being questioned over the death of Stuart Lubbock.

Essex police said they’ve been arrested on suspicion of murdering Mr Lubbock, who was found dead in Barrymore’s swimming pool in 2001. They’re also apparently being questioned over allegations of sexual assault.

Blimey, etc. Need to know more, on a strictly need to know basis? Them nice Guardian peoples might be able to assist.

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2 comments to “Michael Barrymore arrested. ps. !”

  1. He’s not had the best of luck, has he?

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  2. He used to be a particular favourite of mine, but this is all a bit dodge, innit?

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