Shilpa Shetty launches perfume


Don't look at me, I'm shy!

Shilpa la Shetty is launching a smelly of her verily own.

It’s called S2. As in, ‘S squared’, only we can’t work out how to do a little ‘2’ thing. You know, like sir used to do on the black board back in’t day. So-like-right, it launches July 1, will be available for purchasing purposes in The Perfume Shop and Boots the Chemist, and is described as ‘semi-amber floral, with top notes of mandarin, bergamot, peach and melon, with heart nots of jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli, and base notes of vanilla and musk’.

*goes for a wet wee*

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3 comments to “Shilpa Shetty launches perfume”

  1. I love how you’re not allowed to be kissed on stage by Richard Gere but you’re allowed to sit with your legs wide open!

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  2. July 1st is my birthday. Thanks, I now know what to ask for from my mum.

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  3. It has exactly the same ingredients as every other perfume. Why can’t they be bold and put tar top notes and petrol base notes?

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