Dr. Who at London Pride! Well, sort of.

 Now you won’t have to choose between thousands of gays and the doctor!

Who's that, girl?

Organisers of Pride are so worried everyone will go home early to watch the last episode of Dr. Who that they’re going to put it on the big screen in Trafalgar Square. But there are no sofas to hide behind in Trafalgar square!

The Sun reported it with their usual homophobic flair…

The piece is written fairly nicely, with mentions of ‘the gay community’ and Dr. Who being ‘the most gay-friendly show on TV’ but then they ruin it with the trail ‘Ooh… Get Who!’ and include a doctored image of a Dalek, painted pink with a leather Muir cap with one of it’s spike things limp at the wrist.

And this from the paper that went apoplectic at Jade on Big Brother calling Shilpa Shetty, Shilpa Popodom (never mind that they can never resist a ‘Curry’ pun if anyone in a story comes from anywhere near India or Pakistan themselves). Maybe they’d do a piece on Dr. Who being shown at the Notting Hill Carnival with a Dalek with big lips and a slice of watermelon!


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  1. Oh, Trafalgar Square’s at the end of my road – I’ll try and squeeze it in.

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