It’s a pen, it’s for men – it’s the Men Pen! But it’s not for writing, oh no.

Do you have a face?

Do you ever experience blemishes on said face, be they zits or razor-cuts or if-you’re-pre-pubescent, hickies?

Do you often watch famouses on moving pictures and think to yourself, ‘I wish I, too, had flawless skin just like these famouses, even when they’re on HD telly!’

Weeelll… you might then enjoy this item:

Non-dolly make-up 

Qu’est ce que c’est que c’est que c’est?

This would be a concealer designed especially for male gennelmen, The Men Pen – you know, different skin-type, different concealer – for-to cover up pesky business like that mentioned above. Not only that, but it’s the stuff professionals use – ie. the sort of stuff famouses have slapped on ’em to make ’em look scientifically more beautiful. And it comes in 17 different shades, to match your skin a treat. And because it’s designed ‘specially for men, you won’t feel like a lady. Unless you already are a lady.

‘Ow much, please?
9.99 of your earth pounds

Ou se trouve?

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2 comments to “It’s a pen, it’s for men – it’s the Men Pen! But it’s not for writing, oh no.”

  1. I have a huge gash just under my naval – will it work there?

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  2. If you know anyone insecure enough to buy this, disown them.

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