Ooh, look at this dolly helmet!

Imagine whizzing down The OCS (Old Compton Street in London’s glittering, nay, dazzling Soho) in this dolly little bonnet…


Nice helmet. Can we touch?

You’ve got the scooter, you’ve got the head, goddammit you’ve got the style – now get the helmet. These fabby little Nexx helmets come not only in this dinky denim (loving the pocket!) but…

Also in Camo – so you can mix and match with outfits. These ones are what they call Open Face, meaning that should you skid on the lemon from someone’s vodka and dietary cola whilst careering down The OCS, you will in all likelihood lose your chin.

They also come in chrome, with saucy little coloured visors and dayglo orange with a fin on the top so you look like something out of The Rise of the Silver Surfer. Have a look at them here. We don’t have scooter but might buy one anyways.

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  1. Ooh, fancy. Methinks I’ll buy one this weekend…. maybe two. Pip often likes to ride around the grounds, and his head isn’t as sturdy as it once was.

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