Some news of a festival slash northern nature

Oooh, in't it posh. 

Now normally we’d run to them there hills shrieking like a copulating fox mixed in with David Beckham’s undeniably mellifluous tones at the mere mention of a festival. You know, twisted scallies sucking tattooed ladies’ tits whilst being bummed by a joss-stick in a Lily Allen New Look special… and that’s before we get to the camping bit.

Oh but wait one jack-diddly-squat momento, pop-pickers… News reaches us via telecommunications that there is a fes-ti-val north of here – London’s glittering Liverpool-ish, to be more precise – where not only is camping a noo-noo, but camping’s a noo-noo!

It’d be the Knowsley Hall Music Festival – which is kind of one of those ’boutique’ festivals and, you know, j’adoring boutique-y things – and it’s got gazillions of fancy-pants bands in it.

Let’s look at the evidence:

The Zutons
The Coral
The Who
The View
The Thrills
The Maybes
The Quarter
The Wombats
The Johnsons
The Idol Minds
The Aeroplanes
The Black Velvets
The Orange Lights
The Icicle Works

*what a lot of definite articles, children!*

Oh and Joss Stone.

And Madness. And, like, Keane or something.

And if it’s all a bit much, you can go and stroke a giraffe in the nearby world Merseyside-renowned safari park whatsit.

When, missus, when? 23-24 June.

More bumf, please. Oh okay, then.

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  1. Ooh, I do love that guy from The Thrills.

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  2. What a bunch of old rubbish. Why would anyone want to see any of these ‘The’ people. Snoresville.

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