A nice story of hatred, pop-pickers


So that lovely man with the evil eyes – Popey – is hoping a thousand-year-old rift between the Catholic and Orthodox churches can be healed by their shared hatred of the gays.

Hooray! What a nice thought. God must be so proud of them.

Le Popesicle – a real fan of scarlet accessories, if this bonnet and the slip-on ballet pumps we saw him in a while back are anything to go by – is renowned for his obsession with bumming being the last word in evil, and is wishin’ and hopin’ that back bottom business can be brought to a sudden halt by a bunch of ‘ladies’ in flowing gowns and dolly slippers getting together for an anti-gay-off.

And Alexy II (very Dy-nasty), the Patriarch (that’s Pope in a different evening gown) of the Russian Orthodox church has apparently been very impressed with the Pope’s recent efforts to stop civilisation moving forward by allowing gays, you know, rights in places like Italy having himself supported the Moscow Mayor’s illegal ban on Gay Pride (apparently it was ‘propoganda for immorality’).

‘Despite centuries-old divisions, diverging roads and despite the hard work of closing painful wounds,’ quoth Benny Benedict of the new love of hating the gays they all enjoy so much, ‘the Lord has never ceased to guide our steps on the path toward unity and reconciliation.’

The Lord, as yet, has declined to comment.



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4 comments to “A nice story of hatred, pop-pickers”

  1. This man is such a knob it’s actually quite funny. Well, funny if you don’t mind him using religion as a front for vile hatred.

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  2. […] The Pontiff obviously has a thing for daring scarlet accessories so we’ve searched down this little number to go with that hat and his crimson dancing pumps… […]

  3. I think I saw this man down Chariots Roman Spa last night….

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  4. Euurgh. Look at his ‘orrible witch-teeth.

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