Clooney had ‘four month affair’ with single mum

Georgios du Cloon.

George Clooney – that star of filmic devices who’s just, you know, c-RAZY! – had a four month affair with a British single mum, ‘parently.

Sarah Talley, 33, says they met last December in Las Vegas, where she was working as a lapdancer. Their business took them to London’s Glittering Los Angeles and South Carolina, before fizzling out.

‘He was sweet and non-offensive,’ Sarah tells the Mirror. ‘He liked that I was British and we talked about home a lot. He was respectful and didn’t even ask for a dance.’


Oh there’s more.

‘I didn’t care that he was George Clooney. To me he was just a nice, funny guy.’

Who happened to be George Clooney.

The end.

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2 comments to “Clooney had ‘four month affair’ with single mum”

  1. I’d surely give him a lap dance.

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  2. I thought he was a bender, so I guess this is another chinny-reckon story to make him sound all studly.

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