Gareth Gates – Your questions answered

I. Can't. Seem. To. Get. Un. Stuck...

We promised we’d pop your questions inside of Gareth Gates, and pop them we verily did. And out popped his answers. Hooray!

They’re after le bump…

If you hadn’t been called Gareth, what would you have liked to have been called? Rich
Er, no idea! My middle name is Paul, though probably not Paul. Maybe an amazing name like Jim Dean. It’s a very strong name.

What do you look like naked? Claudia
Um… I look amazing naked!

Are you going to be touring the new album soon? Suki

How are the guppies doing, Gareth? Have you any plans to get any more? Edie
Yes, the fish are doing very well. I have about thirty now. They don’t have names, though.

If you could be a fly on the wall in anyone’s room, who would it be and why? Natalie
Maybe the President of the United States. It would’ve been interesting when Monica Lewinsky was around.

Will you marry me? Alisha
I’d have to meet you first!

You said you wouldn’t do Big Brother. Is there any type of reality TV who you would consider doing? Silver
It would have to be something that required some sort of skill. Not just sitting around all day.

Your gf is hot! Has she got any sisters? Mark
Mark, you cheeky bugger! She has one sister who is married with kids.

Gareth, will you come clubbing with me when I turn 18? Sophie
Yes, I would gladly show you all the nice places!

What’s the question you’ve never been asked and you’re dying to answer? Celia
Hmm, interesting… I hate the more simple questions.

What’s the advantage of having an older girlfriend apart from being better in bed? Ron
Dirty dog!

Which female singer would you be happy to duet with, if any? Carol Maureen Creasey
Whitney Houston.

The whole stuttering thing… majorly exaggerated for telly and sympathy votes, right? Consuela
The cheeky cow! No! I think that’s sick.

Are you going to bring out the cover of Drive by The Cars that you did for UK Music Week? Maybe as a charity song? Sylvia
Maybe – we’ll have to wait and see!

Are you planning on releasing your new music in Europe and Asia? Mandy
Yes, but we aren’t sure when, yet.

Hello Gareth! I was wondering what is the best book you’ve ever read? Emily
I can’t remember. Something by Arthur Miller.

I know you are appearing at the Hyde Park Festival, but read that you want to be a punter at a festival, too. Which one? Fany sharing a tent? Chris
Yeah, why not!

What was it like working with Ricky Ross? I think he’s a legend. Love your new music, btw. Bluesy
Yeah, he’s amazing!

Would you still like to study opera at any time in the future? Norma
Maybe later in life. I’m keeping my options open.

I want to know why you’re bothering to stage a comeback. You’re voice and new music sounds just as weak as it was before to me – if you flop, will you call it a day and try something else? Maria
Well, I’m always open-minded!

I want to wish you every success for the single and the album. What is you’re favourite track on the album and do you know yet what the next single will be? Hobo
The next single is ‘Angel on my Shoulder’, and that’s my favourite track, too.

Liking the new material. Prefer the upbeat stuff though. Are there plans to release ‘Lost in You’? Good luck with the promo! Andy Tew
Hopefully we might be releasing one, but we’ll have to wait and see.

What’s your favourite food you like to cook? Ann-marie
I’ve actually been trying to cook Asian food recently. Noodles and the like.

What was the last CD you bought? Jo
Keane – Under the Iron Sea. It’s amazing.

What’s the most romantic thing your gf had done for you? And you for her? Good luck with the single! Trudy
Mind your own business! [laughs]

Have you ever thought about doing a concert for the deaf? Or getting an interpreter to go up on stage and sign your songs? Katie
Maybe! I’ve never thought about that!

I am going through some hard times and am hurting myself – how can I make life seem better? Emma
I think you should just know that hard times make you stronger.

When working with the McGuire Programme [a programme to aid stutterers], do you work one-on-one or in groups with people who have similar problems with their speech? Nicola
Most of the time it’s in a big group.

Do you speak other languages? I’m from Spain – can you say something in Spanish? Celia
Feliz Navidad!

Do you prefer to shower by yourself or with somebody? Colin
I prefer to shower on my own.


Gareth’s single, ‘Angel on my Shoulder’, is out now! It’s nice. We like it.

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5 comments to “Gareth Gates – Your questions answered”

  1. Good luck with the single and album Gareth, love all your new songs.
    Will you PLEASE do a signing in London or the Southeast. Asda at Harlow or HMV at Enfield on or after the 28th would be great. All the ones so far are too far away for me. You have lots of fans in the South you know.

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  2. I would like to wish gareth all the best with his new single and album,They are amazing,what a great singer song writer you are.Love Sylvia x

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  3. love you

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  4. Gareth your single and album are first class. I wish you all the best with them, and you are the tops, a true star!

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  5. Some cheeky questions here! Good on you Gareth for tackling them!! Hope the single and the album go down a storm.

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