Exclusive! Them nice Shortbus folks

Yeah, it’s him off of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Talking about Shortbus. Which is also his movie. And there’s a little more sauce from the two actor lads…


So, give us Shortbus in a nutshell.
It’s set in New York and it’s about a bunch of characters whose lives revolve around an underground salon, where people read poetry, give readings and sing.

Is that it?
The most unusual thing about it is that it’s about sex and love and how they intersect. But all the sex you see, it’s the real deal.

So, it’s a porno?
I don’t think sex on screen has to be pornographic. It’s not necessarily something you can get off to but it’s real. Imagine the most emotional sex you’ve ever had. *We do. It’s nice* Hollywood has a habit of making all sex scenes look really polished and I wanted to get away from that.

This is not a very Hollywood movie.
It took me three years to make and it was so hard to finance because of all the sex. It covers all types of sexualities and is very graphic. You see someone cumming in someone else’s mouth. But at the same time it’s about love and while they’re doing that they’re talking about procreation. When you orgasm, you’re in love then afterwards you have to deal with the world again.

Talking of cumming in people’s mouths, where are those hot Shortbus boys? Paul Dawson, the man that can lick his own, and PJ DeBoy his boyfriend/co-star…

Have you ever been to a real club like Shortbus?
PJ: No, all the different parts of Shortbus come from different places. To get all that into one club would be amazing. We could do with a club like that this weekend in London.
Paul: For me that whole dark club, flaggelation thing is such a turn-off.

Let’s talk about that cumming in the mouth scene: is that something you do in your own home?
Paul: I remembered achieving it a couple of times as an adolescent but I knew it was a loaded image for John because he used it on the website, asking people to submit audition tapes. So once the character James started shaping up, we realised it could be a great private moment for him and really say a lot about what he was going through.

And you could still do it?
Paul: I actually had to train for a couple of months so I could do it again, because you’re a lot more flexible when you’re 17. So that aspect of it ended up being more like an actor training for a stunt.

Is it achievable with practice or are you particularly flexy?
Paul: I think I’m particularly flexible but I really did have to work out. I had to do particular things every day to be able to achieve that. I did go and speak to someone in Philadelphia who’s considered to be the expert. He made tons of tapes on it and also had a book on a regime you had to do in able to do it. If the acting doesn’t go well after this I could probably make a career out of it. People seem pretty inspired.

So, final question: have either of you had a shag out of being in this movie? People have seen it and come onto you because you’re in it?
Both: [laughing] Yes!

Shortbus is out on DVD now! See yesterday’s interview with Paul and PJ here.


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