It’s shaving, it’s madness – it’s shaving madness!

Are you a hirsute male gennalman slash lady?

Does your excess body hair get you down?

Would you like a body and/or face-shaving experience of a free nature, combined with a charitable gesture?

Would you like to see scantily clad gennelmens not only scantily clad, but scantily clad?

Weeeellll, see this?

For all your shaving needs... 

‘Tis not only Braun’s fancy-pants new body groomer/face shaver – the cruZer4 – but the inspiration behind Manshear ‘O7 whereby lots of hairy mens will be shorn for-to-make money for charity this very Friday (for every man sheared, Braun with give five earth pounds to Orchid, the first UK registered charity dedicated to fighting male-specific cancers) and to try and break the world record for man-shearing. So it’s, like, a charity event-cum-lovely product launch-cum-world record breaking attempt, all rolled into one. Plus there are prizes and everything to be won on t’said day, like a VIP Grooming Day at The Refinery and a very-spesh Braun Grooming Kit, that sorta thing.

But where? No really, where? Oh and when?
This Friday, June 22nd @ London’s glittering Broadgate Circle, from 12.30 – 4.30pm.

Now for a gratuitous segue, of a hairy famous kind:

Oh hello. Come to poppa... Jakey






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2 comments to “It’s shaving, it’s madness – it’s shaving madness!”

  1. Likes a bit o’ hair, I does.

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  2. Me too, Bastard, me too. But not on the back area.

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