Er, what?

Washington. Not the place.

And now for a few words from that Isaiah Washington person type thing – you know, the one who was fired from Grey’s Anatomy for calling a gay co-star a ‘faggot’. Hooray, btw.

Doth seem he’s got the hump ’cause he feels ‘misrepresented’ and likens his struggle (post being fired and everyone knowing that he’s a homophobe) to that of race activists Malcolm X and Paul Robeson. ‘Cause he does good work for African charities, lest we forget. Which obviously pardons his homophobia. You know, he loves some people, just not all of them. Anyways, to continue…. and-we-quote:

‘Maybe for 50 years and the history of media and television I represent something that’s supposed to not exist.

‘This happened to Malcolm X, this happened to Paul Robeson – this misconception can happen to any man of power that loves himself and wants to spread that love and that humanity throughout the world.’

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4 comments to “Er, what?”

  1. Total egomaniac.

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  2. I was actually feeling sorry for him in a Jade kind of way, thinking something had all got out of hand but reading this, what a total wanker! He’s on freaking Casualty for god’s sake. To put himself in the same sentence as Paul Robeson makes me want to go out and set things on fire. Twat.

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  3. Paul Robeson and Malcolm X ‘Race Activists’? That’s a new one.

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  4. […] Who’s T.R. Knight, the openly gay one off-of Grey’s Anatomy and the object (allegedly) of the abuse that came out of the real-life trap of Isiah Washington, that resulted in the latter getting the sack. […]

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