Fly Virgin Premium Economy! Oh, OK then…

 Big leather seats, champagne, forty-odd films… honey, we ain’t getting off!

Ooh, a whole series of Sex and the City

Virgin Atlantic are pulling so far ahead of the competition at the moment that it’s getting dangerously close to a case of ‘if it ain’t Virgin, we’re not going’…

And nowhere do you get a better of idea of how cheeenius those Virgins are than in Premium Economy, their cheeky luxe experience at a just-slightly-more-expensive-than-Economy price. And it all starts with the seat…

Not that we’re size queens or anything but those extra inches do make all the difference, especially when you’re going to have to put up with whatever you get for hours at a time. At 21″ Virgin’s seats are the biggest ‘mid’ seats out there. And they’re covered in leather not that horrible nylon stuff. And they have lumber support and a fancy two-settings footrest…

So settle back, accept the offer of a glass of champagne before take off (why not!) and flick through the vast selection of ‘watch it when you want’ entertainment (going to the loo? Pause it then). Not only films (forty-odd, all spankingly up to date) but telly stuff, including whole series of some of your favourites (we’ll always remember the time we spent the whole flight to New York watching Sex and the City).

Add to that a fruit bowl that keeps coming round, your dinner off proper crockery and the attentive service of what must be the most glamorous crews in modern air travel (the guy with the beard, we love you!) and we’re talking a fitting start to your no-doubt debauched holiday experience. If you don’t deserve nice things, then we don’t know who does.

Reserve your seat here immediately.

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4 comments to “Fly Virgin Premium Economy! Oh, OK then…”

  1. I always try and fly Virgin, though don’t always get to.

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  2. You Go, Virgin!! British Scareways has nufink on ya! But next time darling, only go Upper Class – you deserve it!! Mr Branson, send these lovelies free passes now!

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  3. Yeah, but Virgin’s trolley dollys are the most rude, vacuous, ignorant fuckers going. I hate flying Virgin (so don’t anymore). British Airways every time. Or Singapore Airlines. Or American Airlines, even. They tend to have nice people working on their planes, and not a bunch of Butlin’s rejects.

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  4. […] What, you saying Virgin Atlantic operate a route between London and Los Angeles? With prices starting at £380 return? And now that their, for example, Premium Economy seats are even lovelier said journey could be that bit more luxurious? Just checking. […]

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