Shoreditch House: the new hottest place

Jack the Ripper never had it so good!

Skinny dipping only (as in you have to be skinny to dip)

It’s a funny old area, Shoreditch. Home of Jack the Ripper and hot-spot for the grave-robbers of Victorian London, you’re now more likely to get walloped with a huge bill than a cosh.

And things are only getting swankier now that Soho House, beloved late-nite venue for putting the world to rights over a couple of bottles of wine, is opening an East End version. And guess what it’s called! You’ll never guess. Go on, guess. Shoreditch House? OK. You guessed.

Designed by very important design person Tom Dixon (he used to be in charge of Habitat, or something, and did like a seminal, erm, chair), Shoreditch House has everything you need if you’re looking for a gym, somewhere to drink, maybe a pool with a view over London, a spa, a place to take friends to impress the shit out of them…

Just five minutes up the road from Liverpool Street Station and on the doorstep of that whole ‘we’ve seen it all before in old John Waters movies but it’s still kinda fun’ Shoreditch scene, Shoreditch House, which opens later this month, takes over three floors at the top of an olde Dickensian tea warehouse (you can almost hear Nancy singing ‘Whenever He Needs Me’ if you, shhhh, stay very quiet).

‘It’s a place where people can relax, get pampered, meet, eat and drink in supreme comfort against a backdrop of astonishing views of the modern city and 17th-century London,’ says Tom Dixon. Oh! OK.

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  1. I’m holding on for honorary membership….

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  2. Hi Betty,
    I live in the area, wondering if you are a memeber and can sign a recommendation letter for me .,… :-)
    or do you know any existing members?

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