Die Hard 4.0. A review, thereof.

Go granddad!

So we’ve been there, done that and even eaten a Yorkie bar to show how tough we are. Yes, we have seen Die Hard 4.0. Thoughts? Yey!

Actually, that’s not strictly true. Yorkie bar? How pikey do you think we are? We were in fact there, fingering our illegally smuggled in packets of Haribo with a side order of full-fat Coke, with the thought ‘Can a man of 52 still carry off this thing/still be boppable in the extreme, as historically he has been?’ running through our minds… when up popped rugged of body and scowly of face Bruce of Willis, all 52 years of him, still looking damn good in a bloody vest. By which we mean bloody as in that red bodily liquid, not sweary form.

Brucie with Keanu Reeves-in-waiting

So when internet types go all terrorist on our back bottoms, Brucie Willis/John McClane steps in as reluctant hero to save the day and all that. Cue a lot of jumping about, rolling around, and grappling with bad people. 

Explosions, smart one-liners (including McClane’s ‘famous’ yippee-kai-yabadabadoo or whatever the line is) and a cute little cumputery chap (young Keanu Reeves, anyone?) and what more could you want from a beefcake action flick? Bumming? Oh.

And in a nutshell? J’adore, if you like this sort of thing.


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3 comments to “Die Hard 4.0. A review, thereof.”

  1. I am, perhaps surprisingly, looking forward to this. I likes meself a bit of Brucie.

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  2. Me too Betty. Perhaps we could go halves on a tub of popcorn?

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  3. Should be called Die Hard 2.0 – the Second Best Die Hard. Brilliant first half – well paced and executed – second half goes a bit overboard in terms of time and execution – could have been crisper.

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